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Banting "Vetkoek" (Fat Cake)

Banting "Vetkoek" (Fat Cake)

Having never lived in South Africa, where these amazing treats originated. I had to look up the meaning of Vetkoek and learned it means "fat cake" and is similar to a doughnut but is not made sweet.

Keep in mind, the coconut flour itself adds a little sweetness so it isn't as savory as dinner roll either.

Their texture is very tender and soft with a wonderful crunchy outside.

You can split these and serve them with savory fillings like chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad or they are often served in Africa with a ground meat (mince) filling. They are also served spread with butter and honey or jam but for us following a low carb or keto diet use a zero carb syrup or low carb jam. I sprinkled the top of one of them with a zero carb. cinnamon "sugar" mixture. No matter how you eat these, they are amazing.

I wish I could say I developed this recipe myself but I didn't even tweak it. All credit goes to Since i didn't even tweak her recipe I'm afraid I can't post it. Please follow the link to see her recipe.

I did figure out the nutritional analysis for the recipe as Jeanette doesn't have it listed on her site. It doesn't include the optional spreads or fillings. 1.5 net carbs per Vetkoek. Recipe made 6 for me.

Nutrition Facts Serving size: 1/6 of a recipe (1.1 ounces). Amount Per Serving Calories 54.18 Calories From Fat Total Fat 3.19g Saturated Fat 2.17g Cholesterol 54.56mg Sodium 112.76mg Potassium 20.26mg Total Carbohydrates 3.43g Fiber 1.95g Sugar 0.91g Protein 2.66g

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