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Low-Carb Cinnamon Praline Bark

Low-Carb Cinnamon Praline Bark

This Low-Carb. Cinnamon Praline Bark is perfect as a snack or dessert when you want something sweet and creamy with a bit of crunchy pecans.

This must be kept either frozen or in the refrigerator though as it melts quickly at room temperature.

I made a few minor changes to the original recipe. I increased the cinnamon and slightly decreased the nut butter (I used almond butter instead of cashew to reduce the carbs and cost), I used half pecans and half walnuts, and skipped sprinkling any on top. I also added a few drops of caramel stevia to give it a bit more praline flavor (English toffee stevia would be great too). If you don't want a coconut flavor use a refined coconut oil.

I can see many variations to this recipe using different nut or seed butters, using pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon and maple flavoring instead of vanilla! Mmm, so many reasons to make more!

Low-Carb. Cinnamon Praline Bark 0.59 net carbs per piece. 1/4 cup coconut oil, softened or melted (I used this brand) 1/4 cup almond butter or cashew butter (any or seed butter will work) (I used this brand) 1/2 plus 1/8 tsp. ground cinnamon or to taste 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract Stevia to taste (I used the equivalence of 2 tablespoons sugar) (I used this brand) 3 drops caramel or English Toffee liquid stevia (my addition) (I used Vita-Cost's house brand of caramel stevia) 1/2 cup roasted pecan pieces (I used half pecan and half walnut) Unrefined sea salt to taste 1. Line a large plate or 8 x 8-in. baking pan with wax paper. Set aside 2. In a medium bowl, combine coconut oil, nut or seed butter, cinnamon, vanilla and both stevias; mix thoroughly. Stir in nuts. Add salt to taste. Pour onto or into prepared plate/baking pan. Chill or freeze until solid. Break into 14 pieces. Store in refrigerator or freezer. Bark melts rapidly at room temperature. Servings: 14 Nutrition Facts Serving size: 1/14 of a recipe (0.4 ounces). Nutrition information calculated from recipe ingredients using all pecans, but does not include the two stevias or the salt since stevia doesn't increase glucose and the salt is to taste.

Amount Per Serving Calories 88.53 Total Fat 9.17g Saturated Fat 3.79g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 9.62mg Potassium 49.98mg Total Carbohydrates 1.47g Fiber 0.88g Sugar 0.37g Protein 1.3g

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